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If you don't know anything about health,this is for you. Health is wealth. Why is disease out of control despite all the medical research and technology? Do you have simple solutions? Are you confused? Good health is priceless especially when you lose it. Energy and vitality can be easily achieved. From a young age I've always been interested and searched for natural healing. I believe that many people have a fourfold illness - physical,emotional,spiritual,obsessive complusive disorder and mental disorder which can be easily prevented and cured over time. Then a person can experience the joy of recovery.

As I traveled extensively, my international experiences shaped my Naturopathic practices. I have collected, researched and discovered many specialized treatments from foreign lands which provide natural healing and prevention of many ailments. The many benefits that are available from Naturopathy are numerous for prevention of all sickness and all disease.

I have also had the honor of meeting and learning from many highly acclaimed practitioners overseas.

Extensive research and study in innumerable nations for the cause and cure of human illness. My knowledge was based on a natural approach to health and extensive research to discover the secrets of different cultures living habits to maintain good health, vitality, longevity and slow down the ageing process.

My experiences have taught me that there is ONE cardinally important area of preventive treatment. Before any further progress can be made in one's physical health and wellbeing, it is this vital area that needs to be addressed first. Again and again, I have found this treatment has proved itself and, more importantly, it is substantiated from the testimonials of my patients who are the living proof.

Gregory Distratis

20 years of experience and research including 5 years formal study at Naturopathy Colleges both in Australia and Overseas.
Ph:(07) 55 131119
Mob: 0421 005 121
* Poor Digestion? Tired? Lethargic? Bloated? Nauseous? Wind? This may lead to serious long term health problems such as obesity, migraine and diabetes to name a few.*
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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a wholistic and natural approach to health based on the following principles.

  • Natural prevention is better than cure.
  • We must FIRST strive to DO NO HARM.
  • We must look for and treat the cause of ailment whenever possible, not just the symptoms (Tolle Causum).
  • In order to achieve vitality and longevity, we need to treat the person as a whole including emotional problems, stress, obsessive compulsive disorder and lifestyle.
  • Education is an important part of healing.
  • An emphasis on Prevention.

When I take on your particular case, I keep these six principles uppermost in mind and develop and offer you my treatment plan based on my years of research and experience.

As a Naturopath, it is not necessary for me to name a disease as the wholistic approach looks at the physical, mental and emotional aspects, the function of the various systems of the body as well as external influences. I can tell the condition of various organs and systems of the body and can give a detailed picture of integrity of the body and it's constitutional and inherited strengths and weaknesses and areas of congestion or toxic accumulation. In my approach I also offer you ways for the maintenance of your health in the long term rather than giving you a quick fix which deals with symptoms but not the causes. As a Naturopath I am a prevention specialist and base my consultations on scientific and traditional evidence for good health based on my extensive overseas travel. See my Bio

My philosophy as a Naturopath is to treat the entire body, mind, spirit and emotions and improve the wellbeing of a person as a whole in a relatively short period of time. I have extensive International experience.

A Naturopathic Consultation.

Firstly, I make an assessment based on questions and answers provided by the patient in order to establish a history about your presenting complaint as well as any other health problems. Each question will help establish a picture to ascertain the underlying causes of the the patient's health problems.

After collecting information about what is going on for you physically and what remedies you have already tried, I offer you some herbal and other remedies based on my extensive travel, personal research and study of other cultures. I base my treatment of you on traditional medicine that has a long history and proven record of being beneficial; tried and tested in older cultures.

My knowledge is focused on a natural approach to health and my extensive research through which I discovered the secrets different cultures have for good living habits.

Let me offer you the secrets I have discovered to slow down the ageing process and lead you to vitality and longevity.


A Naturopath can help you with

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Cholestrol
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Menstrual Tension
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Skin Irritations
  • Poor Digestion
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Wind

*Also Available*
Botanical Herbs to maintain Your Youth and Slow the Ageing Process using Reflexology,Breathe Therapy, Remedial & Therapeutic Treatment.

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